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Aesthetic Business Coach

Meet Sue Lee, an aesthetic business coach dedicated to offering ground breaking non-surgical therapy and coaching to help you elevate and grow your wellness business with some of the latest aesthetic innovative ideas.

About Sue Lee

Non-Surgical Beauty & Wellness Services Expert

Sue Lee is well known among the Aesthetic Community as one of the industry’s leading nonsurgical aesthetic coach. She’s been collaborating with manufacturers of different aesthetic equipment along with doctors and therapists for more than 20 years now, offering her own unique protocols in different therapeutic services.
These unique protocols are little to no downtime therapy services provided by Sue Lee are completely ground breaking. She is determined and has a fervent desire to provide nonsurgical services to improve one’s health and well being.

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Mental & Physical Health

Accessible, affordable, and comprehensive mental & physical health care.


Intimate Rejuvenation

Sensitive, holistic, multidisciplinary treatment to improve your sexual health.


Fire and Ice Facelifts

A faster, less costly non-invasive version of the traditional


About Asthetic Coaching

Learn from a certified aesthetician and accredited aesthetic trainer.

Why Work With Us

We offer non-invasive, effective procedures to facilitate your medical practice and empower your clients with improved results and efficacy. Enhance your business’s performance and boost your client base.

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ElectroSella Combo which is the ElectroSella Chair and an Oxygen Bar for $12,000 I’ll send some examples where u can get information from

Our Products


DXR Sexercise Bike

The DXR Sexercise Bike is the first of its type, providing a double X times Ride for both exercise and pleasure. As the weight drops, you'll be cumming!
It's a spin bike with a sexual undercurrent. Take advantage of the best of both worlds!
An incredible workout while being sexually gratified. It will drive you to exercise because it is your reward for working out. It's a no-nonsense approach to exercise.


ElectroSella For Women

Intimate Health Consulting’s ElectroSella chair therapy is cutting-edge technology for both men and women. For women suffering from bladder leakage and incontinence, the treatment is simple yet incredibly effective. Kegel exercises have been recommended by urologists and gynecologists for years to assist women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. The ElectroSella device is unique in that it does Kegels for you. In fact, in only one 28-minute session, this treatment can perform up to 12000 Kegels. We reclaim control for women by strengthening the female pelvic floor.
Female incontinence can be caused by a variety of causes, including aging, childbearing, and menopause.


Pelvic floor muscles deteriorate over time, providing insufficient support for pelvic organs, resulting in poor bladder control and sexual health.


With hundreds of contractions per session, ElectroSella at Intimate Health Studio efficiently stimulates your pelvic floor muscles.

After ElectroSella

Stimulation results in stronger pelvic floor muscles, allowing you to regain control of your bladder troubles as well as other sexual health advantages.
The female pelvic floor is important for overall health and pelvic control because it supports the bladder, uterus, and rectum. These pelvic floor muscles contract to keep the bladder and intestine passages closed and relax to allow for simple bowel and bladder emptying. By boosting vaginal feeling and gripping ability, strong pelvic floor muscles can help during sex.
These pelvic floor muscles, which operate in tandem with the abdominal muscles to support a woman’s spine, are also vital for general posture.
The main goal of Intimate Health Consulting is to assist women in strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Stimulation) is utilized by the ElectroSella device to contract and strengthen the female pelvic floor.

Sue Lee


A joint effort between a person and a professional mentor to assist the person in determining the fundamental cause of an issue and how to solve it. Depending on the difficulty, many methods of coaching and counseling are used in intimate health and wellbeing.
Once you've achieved your set goal, the mentor will strive to share best practices with you to assist you to figure out how you may improve the process for implementation and improvisation.
As an individual trying to help people get rid of these problems, they can expect a professional mentor to help oversee the entire operation and provide relevant feedback along with additional advice on how to rectify or improvise the process.
People suffering from a problem or looking to achieve more in a certain area of health and/or fitness should expect their medical specialist to recommend a therapy that is tailored to their needs.
Non-surgical procedures have fewer problems and negative effects than surgical ones. They're more simple and almost effortless to go through. There's a lot less fuss. Non-surgical procedures are typically less expensive than surgery. Also, these procedures have almost no downtime. No need for you to take time off from your life and limit it to the recovery part.
However, selecting a procedure might be difficult, so it's better to get the help of a specialist to examine the problem and provide a more competent and professional opinion.
Intimate Health can relate to a variety of reproductive and health issues in both men and women. The word can be applied to a wide range of disorders affecting men and women private parts ( such as Erectile Functions….Vagina or reproductive organs …Anal…Bladder and Bowel Leaks)
Because intimate health encompasses so many different facets, problems are inevitable to arise from time to time. Issues with intimate wellbeing might arise as a result of life transitions or medical disorders
Yes there is a huge market for intimate health as the last couple of years have been stressful on both male and female but some are too embarrassed to discuss it and are not aware of these Nonsurgical Therapies. Once introduced and educated about these different protocols the demand will definitely be high.

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